The Nehru Trust for Indian Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, New Delhi awarded a Small Study and Research Grant to  Dr. V. Jeyaraj, Director of the Hepzibah institute of Heritage Conservation in order to undertake a research project on the Survey of British Period Oil Paintings and Their Conservation Status in Tamil Nadu. The research project report was published with the permission of the Nehru Trust on 8th March 2012 during the third anniversary of the Hepzibah Institute of Heritage Conservation. This book deals with the history of paintings, preventive conservation, antiquities and art treasures, painters of foreign origin, Indian artists, the science of paintings, conservation of paintings, paintings on Canvas, Authenticity, Directory of paintings on metal sheet, paintings on leather, paintings wood, Directory of Paintings on Wood, Directory of paintings on hard-board, Directory of Paintings, Chennai and Directory of Paintings in District. It has got colour photos at the back of the book. There are photographs of the paintings along the side of the notes on the paintings. The directory gives details about the paintings, artists, period, location, history, condition, etc.


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