Hepzibah Trust is a religious and charitable Trust established to nourish the underprivileged. This Trust tries to take care of the underprivileged viz. old aged, orphans, destitute, handicapped and economically poor.

Hepzibah means my delight is in her. It is a Biblical Hebrew name for girls.

Ms. Hepzibah Jeyaraj, born on 14-1-1950 in Vjayaachambadu, Tirunelveli district, was a primary school teacher-teaching children with zeal and Christian love. She dedicated her life in the teaching profession and loved the children through the love of Jesus Christ, who changed her life to serve the community. At the age of 56 she entered into eternity on 8th March 2006. When her mortal body was laid to rest in the burial ground, Dr. V. Jeyaraj, husband of Ms. Hepzibah, had a vision that a Trust should be formed in her name, which he shared with his son, Abraham Durairaj, who was by his side. He prayed over this for three long years and finally on her third anniversary, the Hepzibah Trust was dedicated to the world.

Inauguration of the Hepzibah Trust
The Hepzibah Trust was formally inaugurated on 8th March 2009 at 4.00 pm. Dr. T.S. Sridhar, I.A.S., Commissioner of Museums, Government of Tamilnadu, Chennai inaugurated in the presence of Bishop, Samson, who presided over the function. Dr. V. Velayutham, a leading eye surgeon in the city of Chennai, Pastor R. Isaiah, Believers’ Gospel Fellowship, Chennai, Mr. P. Narayanan, a leading lawyer in the city felicitated. Mr. P. Amul (Husband of Ms. Christy Veda, daughter of Dr. V. Jeyaraj), son-in-law of Dr. V. Jeyaraj proposed a vote of thanks.

Registration of the Hepzibah Trust
The same was registered as a Religious and Charitable Trust in 2010 with a registration number 125/2010 in Chennai. Dr. V. Jeyaraj is the founder Executive Trustee. Mr. J. Abraham Durairaj, Mr. P. Amul, Ms. J. Christy Veda and Ms. Jenophene Abraham are the trustees of the Hepzibah Trust.


Hepzibah Home for the Aged
The Hepzibah Trust has launched the Hepzibah Home for the Aged on 17th June 2009 at 12C, Sankaralingam Street, M.G.R. Nagar, Chennai-600 078. Later it was shifted to 31, Kamarajar Street, M.G.R. Nagar, Chennai-600 078 and is functioning there itself till date. It has provision for a maximum of only ten members. At present five lady members and one old man are staying with us. They are provided with food, shelter, dress, medicines and spiritual food besides counseling and practicals to uplift their mental horizon.

Other Activities
Educational Support
The Hepzibah Trust is helping the poor students to undergo school and college studies including finding admission to children who need help in this area. It tries to take care of the poor children to get support in their studies as well. During 2010-11 one student who is pursuing her college education and one student who pursue her school education were supported for continuing their education.

Medical Support
The Hepzibah Trust extends its helping hands to admit sick people in hospital, providing medical support like medicines etc.

Hepzibah Marriage Buro
The Hepzibah Marriage Beuro is helping poor girls and boys getting married with free of cost. It tries to help the poor bride or bridegroom during the marriage.

Hepzibah Employment Centre
The Hepzibah Employment registers the unemployed ladies and gents to get jobs suitable to them. At times it supplies human resources to corporate houses also.

Hepzibah Graphics
The Hepzibah Graphics helps those who are in need of helping the corporate or publishers to get graphic designs and publish them.

Help to Churches
The Hepzibah Trust helps churches to carry out small repairs and provision of electrical and other utilities.

Funeral Assistance to the Poor
The Hepzibah Trust is helping the poor to arrange for the funeral at the time of their death.

Computer Training to the Needy Children
The Hepzibah Trust provides basic training and advanced training in computer education and helps those who have undergone the advanced training to get their employment also.

Basic Training in Art
The Hepzibah Trust is organizing basic training in art like line drawing, painting etc., to both school and college students. During the summer it arranges competition for the children and gives away prizes to the best works and arranges exhibition of the children works.

Education to the Illiterates
The Hepzibah Trust is providing education to the old ladies and gents who are illiterataes.

The Hepzibah Trust is interested in providing job opportunities to the underprivileged, training the destitute for developing them economically, arranging medical camps, helping the poor to have shelter, arranging marriages of the poor, literacy programmes, health related awareness programmes etc.

Future Plans
Hepzibah Children’s Home is planned for total orphans. This will be pursued in 2011.

Steps have been taken to purchase land for the Trust to carry out its activities in its own buildings within a year or two, which is a multi-crore project.

The Hepzibah Trust is getting its funds from her own family and friends who loved Ms. Hepzibah and her family. As led by the Lord Jesus, it does not ask for any help from anybody but receives even very small supports from those who are concerned for the down-trodden.

Hepzibah Institute of Heritage Conservation was also launched on the same day to support the programmes of the Hepzibah Trust through its earnings. It conducts trainings in conservation of heritage materials to safeguard the heritage through the trainees. Consultancy works would be undertaken and the earnings will go to the Hepzibah Trust. It also takes up annual maintenance contracts for up-keeping the art and heritage materials in museums and related places.

Individuals, organizations, corporates, churches or any such religious organizations can support the programmes and projects.

Contact Us
The Hepzibah Trust Office is located at 21, V.O.C. Street, M.G.R. Nagar, Chennai-600 078. The Hepzibah Home for the Aged is located at 31, Kamarajar Street, M.G.R. Nagar, Chennai-600 078.

Telephone Numbers
Hepzibah Trust: 044-24745944/ Mobile: 09381008253
Hepzibah Home for the Aged: Mobile: +91-9381357390 Tel:+91-44-32011223
Office Telefax: 044-24742223
E-mail: hepzibahtrust@yahoo.in; drvjeyaraj@gmail.com

About Us
The Hepzibah Trust was established on 8th March 2009 to help the underprivileged and was registered as a religious and charitable trust in 2010 with the registration umber 125/2010.

Hepzibah’s Mission
Hepzibah’s Mission is to find the deserving underprivileged and to make them developed in all aspects of their lives. It accomplishes this through faith, family, friends and well-wishers.

Our Purpose
We believe it is our purpose as a social service, being a non-governmental organization, to help one another learn how to experience this personal relationship with God every moment of every day. Therefore, the goal of our effort is not only getting underprivileged people to be good in health, economy but also to assist them to have their lifestyles, which are pleasing God in all their relationships.

Jesus said, “Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me”. Mathew 25:40. If you want to fulfill His commandments, kindly share your burden with Hepzibah.

If you are dejected in life, we call you as Jesus said in Mathew 11:28, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”. Hepzibah is a place of hope, rest, happiness, freedom etc.

Photo Gallery
The photo gallery consists of the opening ceremony of the Hepzibah Trust, activities of the Trust, inmates of the Homes, Hepzibah and her family along with Dr. V. Jeyaraj.

About Dr. V. Jeyaraj, Founder of the Hepzibah Trust
Dr. V. Jeyaraj, born on 23rd May 1950, as the last son of Mr. A. Vethamuthu and Ms. V. Mary in Vijayaachambadu in Tirulelveli district. After his schooling in Itamozhi, he was graduated as a chemist from St. John’s College, Palayamkottai and post-graduated from V.O.C. College, Tuticorin. Later he served as teaching faculty in the Department of Chemistry for about two years. After serving as a post-graduate teacher in chemistry in Krishnaswamy Higher Secondary School, Nungambakkam, Chennai-34, he joined the department of museums, Government of Tamilnadu for over 30 years and retired from service from 31st May 2008. He is now a consultant in museology and conservation besides the Director of the Hepzibah Institute of Heritage Conservation. The vision given by Jesus Christ has been fulfilled by establishing the Hepzibah Trust to help the underprivileged.

The Second Anniversary of the Hepzibah Trust and Hepzibah Institute of Heritage Conservation will be held on 8th March 2011 at 4 pm. All are welcome.


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