My Victorious Journey
Dr. V. Jeyaraj was born in Vijaya Achambadu, a village in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, India in 1950 as the last son of Mr. A. Vethamuthu and Ms. V. Mary. He was educated in A.V. Joseph High School and did his college studies in St. John’s College, Palayamkottai. He pursued his post-graduation in V.O.C. College, Tuticorin. He was working as a post-graduate teacher in Krishnaswamy Higher Secondary School, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600 034 and later he was appointed as Demonstrator and Lecturer in St. John’s College, Palayamkottai in the Department of Chemistry.
In 1978, he joined the Government Museum, Chennai as the Curator of the Chemical Conservation and Research Laboratory. While working in the museum, he got his master’s degree in history from the S.V. University and got his doctorate from the Madras University in an inter-disciplinary subject related to conservation of metal antiquities. During his service in the museum, he was helpful to many organisations in conserving antiquities. He conducted many training programmes in conservation of heritage materials and museology. He created awareness among students and general public in conservation our heritage through his activities, writings and training programmes. While in service he got sponsorship to visit countries like U.K. (London), Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), Australia (Melbourne) and Singapore through the sponsorship from Nehru Trust for Indian Collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, New Delhi and UNESCO. Through his hard work and efforts the Chemical Conservation and Research Laboratory of the Museum was recognised by the University of Madras as a research institution to conduct research leading to Ph.D. Degree in 1997. Subsequently he was recognised as a research guide by the Madras University. One has been awarded the Ph.D. Degree and other person has submitted his thesis. He has published 26 books, 9 booklets and more than 150 research and general articles in conservation, museology, numismatics, anthropology, science, archaeology, history etc. He was editor of Conservation of Cultural Property, Museum’s Journal, Nunkalai etc. After over 30 years of continuous long service, he was retired by super anuation on 30th May 2008.
After his retirement from Government Service, as per the revelation of God to serve the society where he is living, he started the Hepzibah Trust in memory of his wife on 8th March 2009. He is serving the society through the Trust by establishing the Hepzibah Home for the Aged for those destitute and handicapped people; Hepzibah Marriage Beuro for poor and downtrodden young girls and boys; Hepzibah Employment Centre for those poor who are without job; in order to utilise the knowledge he had through the Government service to teach conservation and carryout conservation consultancy he has established the Hepzibah Institute of Heritage Conservation. He on invitation visits various cities in India and lectures and conducts workshops in Conservation and museology. On request he is a consultant to many organisations and takes up conservation consultancy work and the earnings go to the Hepzibah Trust to carry out social activities. At present he is conducting research on “ Oil paintings of the British Period in Tamil Nadu”.
He is helping the poor students who are not able to pay the college and school fees. He helps with uniforms, books, notebooks etc., to poor students. He helps the sick to take to the hospital and helps with medicines those people who are suffering without medicines.
He is telling the love of Jesus to those who are amidst tears and diseases after receiving the call from Jesus Christ. He assembles people together and gives the counselling from the Holy Bible. Many have been brought out of the habit of habitual drinking. Even though he has served over 30 years the people in the Government service and visited 5 countries, neither he has received bribery nor given bribery to anybody.
He has planned to establish a Home for the Children who are orphans. He wants to do many social activities for the downtrodden, providing training to the destitute, organising projects for rehabilitating the drunkards, removing the tears from those who are always in tears. He does not approach anybody for help as per the instruction from the Lord. He is of the concept that one should not get loan but can give loan to others, he is helping people to start small business. He helps people to get rid off from the debts and do works of their own. He is transferring the income through the Hepzibah Institute of Heritage Conservation to the Hepzibah Trust in order to sustain the social activities.

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    I am not able to understand your comment. Can you just explain your comment. I shall be very happy to hear from you.
    Dr. V. Jeyaraj

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